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February 6 · 

Viewing Jim's art work on Facebook does not serve it justice. Visit his gallery in Bentonville where his wares are on display. They are fabulous. I bought his large canvas print of Jagger and can't wait to find a special place for it.


I have something for you that I think will put a smile on your face for your art work. I also want to buy a painting of yours I saw in your office that captivated me from first seeing it. You will go very far in your art career. 

You have a God given talent for bringing to life what you see and what's inside you that is very rare.

See you soon!


Mr.  Rayner


Susan P. Haney Incredible talent!!

 Tina Mulford-Dwight Beyer Wow! Beautiful!

 Tonya Pool Beautiful😊 

 Diana Short LOVE it!


Bruce Baird 

April 16 · 

Turning the house into a home continues with a wonderful new wall piece, Lion by Jim Johnson. I think a good name for him would be Bob...or Bruce.

Annie Hanlon Fuentes That is fantastic!


  Claudinei X Adriana Lindo trabalho ..

Beautiful work..

Diana Short I love seeing your work Jim Johnson    Jim your a great artist!!


Gary Adrion Amazing

 Susan Marshall Looooove this.. 

 Mary Sirkel Amazing. You did more than try!    So cool Jim! I am very impressed!

Teresa Brady Thompson Awesome!!

Marisa Nabholz Love it!

Rick Katzfey Love your work Jim!


Heather Bocken Campbell Wow! These are great!


Danni L Joslin Amazing

 Amber Noble Potts Good job Jim!!! 

 Jim Brewer That's great Jim, we want to come over and see your studio. 


Sandra Bertges O wow like that😋


 Bobby Bittle That’s awesome 

 Hazel Trichell Bedenbender Talent. Indeed ♡♡ 

 Kimberly Allyse Johnson It is sooo good!!! 

 Emily Compton Powell awesome

 Vicky Cooper McAnally Good job Jim Johnson 


Turns out my colleague Jim Johnson is a very talented artist! Lots of great portraits available.

Pamela Talley-Parker Iconic     

I'm loving these


 John Compton Jim U have it all, U go Jimmy! 

Paula Widener Very talented! Especially drawn into Elvis' eyes, wow


 Martha Watkins WOW! 

Randy Johnson Very nice

 Dian Weaver Awesome!

 William Richard Mayo I like it to damn much! 

 Russ Hillian Abe is looking good!


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