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Jim Johnson




Jim Johnson, father, grandfather, attorney, artist, musician, and traveler.  The gallery features abstract realism  paintings..

Born in west Texas in 1953, in a then booming oil town, I was a quiet child. My parents lived a hand to mouth life during my younger years and couldn’t afford much more than necessities. My siblings and I learned to entertain ourselves. I really enjoyed the outdoors and  rode my bike around that dusty, desert like, town and its outskirts. When at home, I stayed in my room most of the time and drew. I remember being quite good at drawing.  My fifth grade teacher sent a portrait I had drawn of the U.S. President, Lyndon Johnson, to him.  In return, I got a thank you letter from the White House.  My mom also showed my drawings to my extended family who asked me to draw for them. As I became older, my parents believed that art was the one thing I was good at, so they encouraged me to attend our local community college to pursue art.  

In the meantime, my parents moved from Texas to Arkansas, and I stayed behind to finish my Art Degree.  After graduating college, I moved to Harrison, Arkansas, where I worked as a Pizza Hut manager, and was eventually transferred to Rogers, Arkansas, in 1975.  However, after working for Pizza Hut for six (6) years, I decided that was not my career path, so I began college at the University of Arkansas, working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.  But, after one year, my career counselor informed me that none of my previous college credits would not transfer to engineering and that it would take me five more years to complete the program, I literally walked to the law school and enrolled.  Now 35 years later, after a successful career as a lawyer, my wife and I are ready for retirement.  Although, I continued painting off and on throughout the years, I never considered a career as an artist, and being a lawyer, ensured that I could provide a good life for my wife and four children and allowed us to enjoy our passion for traveling inside and outside of the United States.  

My wife and I retired at the end of 2018, and will continue to travel, as I  pursue my passion for art as a second career. . My love of abstract art and portraits will be shown throughout the on-line gallery.   All my pieces are painted with acrylic paint for a brusque (french meaning "lively, fierce") abstract feel.

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